7 things your employees need from you right now?

The changing work culture across the globe has got most of the workforce worried, scared and at distress. As an employer its your responsibility to guide your team and assure them about an optimist future. Here are a few thing your employees need from you right now for remote working and to survive through this crisis

1.Strong leadership

During this covid era your employees need someone to look up to, know that their job is secure and company is positive about the future,  This positive mindset will empower the employees to work better and harder

2. New norms and expectations

Old norms and expectations are pretty much invalid during these times, remote working is challenging and developing work culture will take some time so communicate with your employees regarding new norms and expectations of the company

3. Connection

Your employees need to feel connected with you since we are working remotely the amount of contact normally you used to make won’t work, it needs to be at least doubled up it might sound like an overkill but it’s required

4. Encouragement

Constant encouragement is a must while working remotely because this new work culture requires regular development, innovation and adaption. Encouragement eases up adaptation process and change management is smooth

5. Accountability

The team needs to feel accountable for work as they would be during normal circumstances, you need to show them that they have an important role to play especially during such times of hardship, they need to know they are crucial for the company’s survival

6. Learning & Development

As the human connection is missing during this covid era your team needs to learn new skills to tackle the changing work requirements. Kaizen is essential, your company needs to adapt the kaizen policy which stands for continuous development

7. Guidance and Tools for Remote Working

To work effectively while remote, your team needs appropriate tools to stay connected and work collectively. These usability of these tools should be clearly defined to your team and each member should be explained how, when and which tool to use

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