Selection Process

Our Recruitment methodology involves the following steps.

Three Steps

Three Steps to Successful Recruitment

Locating the Right Candidate

Jobskeyis a brand recognized as a market leader within its core industry sectors, which include IT, Telecom, Accountancy, Healthcare and Commercial recruitment, as well as in the emerging e-commerce / WAP markets, Technical Comms/Telecoms Recruitment and IT/Financial Sales recruitment. For example, our consultants all keep abreast of the issues within their specific industry sectors and we have this website to attract a steady flow of new enquiries and candidates. We also have a regular programme of both client led and generic web and journal advertising that attracts new candidates and maintains our company profile.

The recruitment we have done since we started in 2006 for our clients has, by default, seen us build up an enviable candidate database that we are able to refer to in the first instance each time we win a new recruitment assignment. We are also renowned as a leading player in both the retained business arena and the client led advertising arena, which are much used methods employed to produce suitable candidates for specific roles. We have a specialized search and selection division for headhunting those hard to surface candidates, backed by a very successful resourcing team. By employing one or more of these recruiting methods Jobskey is assured of supplying you with the right person for your job every time.

Securing Your Candidate

Competition to recruit the best candidate can be fierce. Just when you think you’ve found the right person for the job, somebody else beats you to them. Jobskey can help you ward off these competitors. Our industry knowledge means we can advise on the best method of recruitment, along with putting together the most appropriate package to help secure your chosen candidates. This doesn’t always mean offering the highest salary either, as other factors such as a structured career path and a clear training strategy are just as important to many professionals. To ensure that the candidate you want today becomes your employee tomorrow, it is important to utilise the specialist skills available within Jobskey Resourcing.

Managing the Interim Staff Shortages

In the same way that no two clients have the same needs, no two recruitment campaigns are treated in the same manner. This will invariably lead to the need for interim (contract/ temporary) staff to act as a stopgap until such time as the permanent position has been filled. Flexibility is the watchword here and at Jobskeywe are able to provide that flexible service that is so often missing from other recruitment service suppliers. Make use of our contract / temp divisions whilst we are managing your permanent recruitment, and this will ensure the minimum disruption to income and productivity and guarantee a very cost-effective service.

The Process

The following process applies to all levels of the recruitment exercise. Our methods depend upon an in-depth understanding of each client’s requirements, including:
  • Vacancy description
  • Strategy and Research, including Marketing Intelligence Feedback
  • Knowledge of the working environment, which includes the Consultant visiting the client’s premises, to gain an in-depth understanding of the company culture
  • Personality profile and identification of prospective candidates
  • Advising the client about setting the remuneration levels
  • Screening all Curriculum Vitae and telephone responses
  • Conducting telephone interviews
  • Arriving at a preliminary shortlist
  • Interviewing short listed candidates against specific criteria agreed with the client
  • Presenting a shortlist (typically 4-5 candidates per position/requirement) and arranging interviews with the client
  • Arranging second and subsequent interviews and managing the offer process to conclusion
  • Dealing with all administration of unsuccessful candidates

The Interview Process

Whichever recruitment process is used, Jobskey subject each candidate, whatever their level, to the same rigorous and structured interview, in order to arrive at a final selection. The format always includes:
  • Curriculum Vitae assessment
  • Competency based questions
  • Accurate assessment of candidate career requirements
  • Analysis of competency based question and answers
  • Constructive advice on career and interview technique
  • Presentation of company in line with client brief
  • Personality Profile Analysis/Psychometric testing is and additional service if required
  • Throughout this process candidates are encouraged to talk about their careers, skills and achievements
Typical examples of questions asked include:
  • Three major strengths
  • Three weaknesses
  • What motivates them
  • Evidence of leadership/teamwork
  • Evidence of personal innovation
  • Examples of strategic skills
  • How the candidate has dealt with a sensitive issue
  • How the candidate overcame their worst business decision to date
  • An example of when the candidate influenced a work colleague to adopt a new idea, which subsequently benefited their organization

Search and Selection

Jobskey’s unique industry knowledge and research expertise, coupled with a detailed client brief, produces a listing of target companies where key individuals are identified. We locate individuals that are settled in their current position, who are high achievers and who are not currently looking for a new job and would not therefore come to the notice of ordinary recruitment companies.

Retained Selection

Similar to Search & Selection, Jobskey uses search techniques, candidate networking, media and database searching and commits exclusively a consultant and resourcer to specifically work the assignment to conclusion.

Advertising and Selection

We then carry out detailed briefings, first interviews and shortlist selection for all responses.

Full Advertising and Selection details vary from campaign to campaign, and this will be discussed in more detail on acceptance of the campaign.

Your account manager will keep you informed of the response at all times, and at any time the client may see any or all of the CV’s sent in response to the advertising campaign.



All positions are placed on various Internet sites providing access to many professionals world-wide and usually at no cost to the client.

Additionally for large scale recruitment campaigns we can design a specific web page linking your web site to ours and set up a unique e-mail address to monitor response to enable full management information to be processed.

Trade Journals and National Press

We have gained many years’ experience in placing major advertisements in national press and trade journals across all of our industry sectors.

We have built close partnerships with media purchasing organizations with whom we purchase the majority of advertising space with in order to receive preferential discounted rates. These savings are passed directly into our clients.

We additionally have teamed up with an advertising art studio who organize everything from the copy to design of the Ad’ and gain preferential rates, which once again means extensive client savings. At Jobskey we approach each campaign individually. It is our experience that although an advertising campaign kick starts a recruitment initiative it is the backup resources that make a campaign successful.

We suggest specific back up services appropriate to each client’s organization and we ensure that we do not just sift through the response we receive, we proactively use the campaign identify of other avenues to explore.

A separate phone line and email addresses will be set up in order that all response can be accurately monitored and a full campaign report given to the client.

Media and Miscellaneous

We are able to offer clients a full media package including TV and radio advertisements again including the design and production.

Additional methods of advertising can include mail shots, leaflet distribution, promotional displays at rail concourses, open days and recruitment fairs.